Eva Spiess

Hi, I'm Eva Spiess, founder of Eva's Hair, a specialist in hair extensions and wigs, and I teach courses. My trajectory began after I lost everything I had and was invited by a friend to go to Switzerland just to support my daughters, without any knowledge of the local language or any other language.

Since then I discovered my passion for the transformation of self-esteem and its importance. Today, after 25 years of experience and more than 10 thousand customers served, I can say that I realized my biggest dream which is to transform people through beauty.

Through my expertise, I also teach several courses to help professionals achieve higher revenues in their establishments.

At Eva's Hair we have a stock of over 150 human wigs and a huge variety of Brazilian, Indian and Russian human hair, of all sizes, textures and colors. Besides this, we are manufacturers of wigs and hair prostheses for men and women.

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