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We work with the best type of hair extensions, always bringing the best quality of hair accompanied by the method that best suits the life and welfare of our customers.

We have the most advanced methods in the market, achieved by training in different countries to reaffirm the quality of the hair and methods, produced and manufactured here in Evas Hair itself with all our products.

Among them are the Italian knot, American stitch, keratin, Injected Tape, invisible tape, thread to thread, among others.

Keratin Elongation

Keratin lengthening is a painless and very fast method, being one of the most popular techniques among women and one of the most beloved among the famous. The application is done by joining the keratin glue, ready locks, with small locks of the client's hair.

In this method of lengthening the maintenance is 3 months, being able, most of the time, to use the same hair.

Tape Extensions or Tape

The Adhesive Tape is one of the hair extensions that, at the moment, is being very sought after. This technique is very safe and super fast, ideal for those who want long hair in a few hours.

The placement is done by overlapping two strands with a double-sided keratin tape, on a very thin strand of natural hair and can be used for two or three months.

Invisible Tape Double

This technique is the biggest novelty in relation to tape stretching, being an evolution of the previous one. This piece stands out for its prolonged durability, as well as invisibility compared to conventional fabrics, and can be used in several stretching methods.

Keratin Microcapsule

The Microcapsule has been standing out in the market for being an innovative method of great effectiveness in disguises, as well as for filling in thin hair, besides being suitable for all hair types, it can also be used for finishing in other stretching methods.

Microcapsule with Mini Microlink

Still with the microcapsule, the lengthening will be done using a mini microlink that, besides presenting a perfect result for finishing and for hair that has some kind of precocious fall, it is also perfect for all kinds of hair.

The application process is quick and can be used, depending on care, for up to 2 months.

Tic Tac or Clip-In

Hair extensions almost instantaneous, although it is temporary. Can be applied in minutes by yourself and is ideal for those who want to change their look for some special occasion. These are human hair wefts with locking clips that fit your hair adding volume and length.


It is the fastest sought after by women, although it is temporary. It is also ideal for hairstyles and special events, requiring only a few minutes.

Make a small bun on the top of the head, open the ponytail elastic and place it in the bun. Tie the elastic tightly close to the scalp, this will prevent the elastic from slipping. The removal is recommended every day.

Stretch Stitched

Called sewn, it is the ideal technique for those who have short hair and is also widely used by people who are going through hair transition, since it joins the natural strands through the sewing of a natural hair braid, becoming imperceptible and offering a very natural and comfortable result for up to two months.

Italian Knot

Also called Brazilian method, is an old technique in the market, but still very popular, ideal for those who have short hair. It is a method that joins the natural hair through small locks with rubber bands all over the head.

This technique is a little painful for first-time users, but offers extremely natural results! It is also a method that requires more hours in placement, but can also be used for 3 months.


In this technique, locks of natural hair are applied to the strands of hair through metal rings, called microlink, not requiring any chemical in the procedure. The microlink does not damage the natural hair, besides being among the simplest techniques of application and removal.

The procedure is not indicated for those who have very fine hair. But it is a great alternative for those who have frizzy or curly hair, this technique requires maintenance every 3 months.


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