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Wigs - Have you ever wondered how the big International celebrities change their hair at every event?

The big secret is the use of different types of wigs, which ensure a quick and painless transformation, without damaging the natural hair. We have a stock of over 150 Premium Human Wigs of different textures, models, colors and sizes, for those who want this kind of change.

Oncologic Wigs

In addition, it is a great ally for people who suffer from premature hair loss and who are undergoing chemotherapy or alopecia treatment. Since we are manufacturers of all types of hair extensions, there is the possibility of using your own hair for the making of the wig.

In the case of hair problems caused by medication, the IV/AHV helps with up to CHF 1500 per year. Some health insurance companies also pay a supplement up to the value of a wig.


The great advantage of human wigs is the possibility of even chemical treatment of the hair, as their care is similar to the one you have with your own hair. At Eva's Hair, we work with the three main types of human wigs, each of them with different features and finishes:


The Traditional Wig stands out for having great durability as the hair strands are sewn onto a canvas that will then be implanted into the wig. The base does not resemble the natural scalp, however, from the techniques of application of Eva's Hair, a disguise is made in which the results show extreme naturalness.

Full Lace

Full Lace wig is a type of wig that simulates the wires coming out of the scalp. By being sewn individually on a fabric base quite thin, allows in a natural way that it is distributed on any side, in various hairstyles and styles such as ponytails and braids.

Front Lace

This type is a combination of the Full Lace and Traditional type of wig, as only the front part is made with Lace that imitates the scalp. The rest of the wig, on the other hand, is sewn in the traditional method.

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