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Hair Prosthesis

The hair prosthesis is a solution for people who want to quickly solve the problem with baldness. In addition, the amount spent with the acquisition of hair prosthesis is much lower than a hair implant.

There are several models of prosthesis on the market and you are completely wrong if you think that the male hair prosthesis is the most sought after, because the demand for female hair prosthesis is also great.

The good thing about hair prosthesis is precisely the fact of not having to go through any kind of surgery and if you want, change the shape of the hair, just change the hair prosthesis.


The hair prosthesis of natural hair are preferred, since they are more durable and presents an aesthetic. As for the hair prosthesis of synthetic hair, are cheaper, being possible to perform the purchase of the piece already pre-made or even custom.

There are several pre-made models and one of the most common is the one that covers only the top of the head, which is called the toupee and the one that covers the whole scalp is called full cap or full cranial prosthesis.

The manufacturing of the base, that is, where the natural or synthetic hair is attached, uses canvas and micropeel. In any case, prostheses can be made with a variety of materials, depending on the needs of the person who will use.


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